Microsites are not a Fad

Before Fire and Smoke Signals

Man's earliest form of communications were simplistic, yet visual, cave paintings. Straight and to the point, they conveyed the message "hunt deer here." Now we've evolved to seemingly, never-ending websites of the Internet. Our economy of words has never needed to be more concise.

The Dawn of the Microsite

Inventing "Fire"

With Creative Marketing

In the beginning of recorded history, a cave drawing was the only way of passing information. It was visual information. From that point on, there has not been "a better mouse trap." Today's Information Age is still very much a visual one.

Our approach is built on knowledge, impact, and skill and we bring that to your brand integrity. We are not the mass market company working from a Profit/ Loss Sheet. For 12 years, along with our sister company Attorney Web Solutions, have been a hands-on group working with an eye toward creative impact and tremendous value of our product.
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What is a Microsite

Technically, microsite is a web site – albeit a small one. It usually consists of one or at most a few web pages. They are most often used along with a full web site.  A microsite is the evolution of the landing page.

If you think about how people look for information on the web, microsites can play the key role in helping them find what they need. By focusing an idea, product or service and then limiting the amount of information to the one page, it then creates an easy-to-scan resource providing and uncluttered path visually to the information they are looking for.
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Have a Website;
Still Consider a Microsite

First, a website for the most part is a one-way type of communication. This does put your information out about yourself and firm.

However, with a microsite not only is your information present, but the page is also tailored to evoke a response - for potential clients to ACT - to CALL YOU! Microsites create a "call to action."by gearing the images and content with the most important to decision points in the client's mind to resolve them to call you. The communication has now opened the other way.
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