Internet Marketing Plans

Bang the Rocks Together

Internet Marketing Plans are based on the idea that when you make a choice in your life that it will soon evolve into another choice to be made. For example, when choosing your college or your career, each decision will evolve into consecutive choices unique to the original - each taking you to its own unique outcome. Make a bold decision for marketing your company, embrace it, and plan for evolutionary choices.. It took a great deal of nerve in the early years of internet to market search engine company called GOOGLE™ based on the sound one the founders little sisters was making. That is bold!

If world domination is not your thing, then maybe you want to get your "goods and services" to the market place without the work of herding cats.

A microsite will fulfill that need quite well. It focuses your TOOLS to your customer's NEEDS. This will be done in an explicit and orderly manner married to a keyword domain. Together this will give you an outstanding visual transportation to the market place.

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Plant that Tree
in the Middle of
Your Client's road

Why should I market from the clients view point?
Imagine a realtor showing a home and as the client walked into the home they complimented on the lovely cherry tree standing in the yard. In the realtor's mind, the rooms were too small for the family's size and there was no fireplace as the family had requested for their future home. Yet, as the family walked from room to room, they could see or smell the cherry tree. The realtor sold the house based on the cherry tree in spite of the house's size and lack of fireplace. And his clients were very satisfied with a home that had access to a cherry tree from every room.

The moral: In web marketing, show the odds and ends of your product and highlight your strengths but always leave an opening for questions. You never know what has caught their attention.

How do I Define my Business' "Cherry Tree" to the Clients?
You as the business marketer are defining the focus of your forté. You need to keep the concept and content of your product in complete focus. For example: If Johnny sells apples three hundred and ten days out of the year and the other fifty-five days he sells tomatoes, then Johnny need only focus on apples and not on tomatoes.

If an internet user does a search for apples located in Appleton Maine, then this person is more likely to search YOUR MARKET under the following search string: "apples Appleton Maine". Since you own the domain
with the matching content, your cherry tree is now in the middle of that searcher's road; they have transformed from internet surfer to a potential client.

Vanity Domain Q and A

When Vanity Dominates the World

Q: What are Vanity Domain Names?

A: Vanity domain is a domain name whose purpose is to express the individuality of the person whose behalf it is registered. These contracts with domain names which resolve to an organization (e.g. a company) or a service that organization offers. Vanity domains may be compared with vanity car registration plates, similarity identify their owner as an individual and not a combined number/ letter sequence given to you by the BMV while registering your vehicle which will identify your vehicle by state and model of make (brand). In other words your vanity domain is your own unique mastered license plate.

For Example:
As a child you may recall riding in a car and taking notice of a unique license plate. In the midst of plates with random numbers and letters, which can be extremely difficult to remember at first glance, you take notice of unusual and clever captions on the bumper of a car passing by. A constrictive plate may read "88 Benz". Others require a little more thought like: "pls2go" - Please to Go, the bright red sports car breezing by you on the interstate with a vanity plate "sry ocfr" - Sorry Officer, or that bright green 2004 cobra with snake-skin trim with a vanity plate "SSssss". So, these vanity plates - like vanity domains - are descriptive as to who the driver may be - whether you are a speed demon offering a friendly "hello" as your vanity plate apologizes to the police officer clocking you at 85 miles per hour or a savvy 2004 Cobra driver "hissing" as you cruise on by. These vanity domain names are easily remembered and offer the advantage of personal mobility.

Q: Why should I have a vanity domain?

A: A vanity domain takes advantage of market trends using popular key words searched on the internet for a local markets' goods and services instead of a regular domain which could be your name or your company's which can only receive top placement in major search engines with costly and time-consuming S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization -which is defined as the process of improving the visibility of a website or a microsite (landing page) in search engines via "natural, pure, or organic" or "algorithmic" search results.)


IE: I want to buy tomatoes; I live in Findlay, Ohio

My Search: Findlay tomatoes

My Result: - YOU

The same result would be any geographic location married to your good and services you are marketing. There is less of a need for S.E.O. and full optimizing of a vanity domain because you have the high ground in the search engine war between you and your competitors in your market. Your domain is THE search!

Q: Why should I use a vanity domain as part of my program?

A: The "slam dunk" of marketing having the right product or service in the right place. How this is utilized in web marketing is by a key word. A keyword domain is just that, if you are an attorney in San Jose you want to utilize your internet campaign to result in the following:

Walk in the Client's Shoes on the path to your Road to the Internet Information Super Highway.

You, John Smith, are an internet savvy individual who is looking for results. A potential client has been arrested after playing poker at a friend's house for driving under the influence of alcohol consumption and is in need of an attorney that could handle his upcoming D.U.I case. Theoretically, he is going to search for an attorney on the internet using your location (county or city of offense) and an attorney that handles criminal cases. His simple search may be "San Jose dui attorney," so now what happens is MAGIC. This becomes true traffic since this once internet surfer has now become a potential client by simply conducting a search for the exact domain that you (the attorney) have branded yourself and you will now appear organically at the top of the search results in many of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You are at the top of the search results and therefore you now look like the go-to attorney and have become an authority in those potential clients' eyes. This once internet surfer has molded into "true traffic" potential client to a paying client because of the branding power of your geographic location married to your area of practice. The result is children with faces of dead presidents sitting in your wallet. Your once marketing budget has now evolved from an expense to an investment.

Select a Domain that is the Bread and Butter of your firm
and your Area of Practice Client Generation Needs
to be on the Type of Client YOU want to Receive.

Q: How Should I Choose a Vanity Domain?

A: Analyze the local market trends - what and how is it being searched as it pertains to your services.

IE: ==>

A study of the market told this firm that this market is going to need a chapter 7 lawyers and with no objection a willing attorney was exceptionally quick to brand themselves as a bankruptcy firm and gain the high ground in front of other firms.

Your domain may be too long or hard to remember.

For Example: =

This is how it should be shortened.

Q: What if the domain I want is not available then what?

A: When ownership is not possible, leasing the domain in can be an option to a stronger marketing plan and better format. Domain longevity and placement has value to the search engines. Leasing a domain allows the firm to build on what other firms had in place before.

The thought follows like this; there is a billboard at the corner of "I NEED BUSINESS St."
and "GOOD CILENTS Ave." It does not matter who was on that billboard before.

In other ways, it help keep your firm nimble in the ever changing marketing needs of a growing company.

It is economical as well. A firm can spend up to $15K dollars to bring a site up to speed in one area of a market. Where as a lease of a standing domain, much of the work is done for you.