Microsite Define the Business

Benefits to Branding and SEO

Technically, microsite is a web site – albeit a small one. It usually consists of one or at most a few web pages. They are most often used along with a full web site.  A microsite is the evolution of the landing page.

If you think about how people look for information on the web, microsites can play the key role in helping them find what they need. By focusing an idea, product or service and then limiting the amount of information to the one page, it then creates an easy-to-scan resource providing and uncluttered path visually to the information they are looking for.

How is a microsite going to benefit me?

Branding Microsites can easily help brand a product or service in a way that is unique from the "mother" brand visually and information - wise.  IE: the law firm, while introducing the service to a new audience.   In this case, it is better to focus to a smaller market with a need then shouting to masses with everyone else.

IE: to the masses, www. A.B.C. law firm.com  = <  to the searched,  www.Chicagochapter7lawyer.com

Providing a clear path putting a laser focus on a product or service. For example:  A law firm handles criminal cases, by focusing with a microsite it is the perfect online tool for leading people to a call to action. Without the distractions of a bunch of unnecessary information, a would be client can better filter what they need to move more quickly with a strong visual image targeted information - providing you a higher response rate.

SEO Benefits since each microsite is a unique website; it has its own unique URL. This can be used to make people looking for particular services by selecting an address that people can easily remember. This feature also help in the SEO as the search engine algorithm will likely add ranking importance to the contents of the site this will enhance the branding power of the domain.

IE: www.tomstomtatoes.com

Increased online footprint when combined with a network of other microsites, your firm’s online footprint is increased. This is latticework of websites increases each site's relevance in Google through a process call reciprocal linking. A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic This leads to higher search rankings and more successful organic search market results.

IE: market networks like www.duilawyerlocator.com or www.bankruptcylawyerlocator.com

Be the Audience Grabber most people will look at the home page of a site and then leave before digging. With more homepages/onepages (from more microsites), you have more opportunities to grab your audience. A posted Stanford study based on people looking for services on internet found like people will spend less then 1:23 minutes on a site looking for information, more over they would make than 3 clicks on any given site before move on.

IE: visual equality a picture is worth a thousand words that being true, the comment "I looked you up on the internet."  Is the most valued statement to your marketing dollars working for you. The need for you to reflect back to the client as you are the expert in the service they are looking for Visually.

Experimentalist at work when trying many marketing points and messages by deploying original micro pages - it takes A/B marketing to a brand new level. With no better way to understand your market then by trying a few different messages to see what resonates to your market.

IE:  Keyword usage most full web sites will have as many as 20 keywords; over time it is found that maybe 3 of those keywords are driving business to your door. 

Email campaign integration leverage your email campaigns by adding a microsite onto the mix. This allows you to track conversions. Allowing you to determine effectiveness of the campaign to a higher degree.

Follow the tracks Need to know if a would-be client is on your website looking for a divorce attorney or a DUI attorney? Implementing the development of a Microsite with tracking, a law firm can follow a would-be client’s searches to gauge which areas of practice are generating the most amount of income. The firm can also use the information to decide which areas need more attention or need trimmed from the firm’s core.

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Microsite Marketing

A Common Sense FAQ

Q: I have a web site, why should I have a microsite as well?

A: First, a web site for the most part is a one-way type of communication this does put your information out about yourself and firm.

A microsite forms two things "a call to action" or a transactional site, it‘s when visitors are deciding to do business with you or starting that process of contacting you. Microsites are geared with content that is most important to decision points of your client.

Paired with, a visual response within the design, following their needs to the point of decision contact with you.

Q: Why is the information different from my standing web site?

A: The simple fact is that they are contextual. A well thought though microsite is going address a very specific need of a very specific client. A microsite gives you the high ground they are like “the sales closer” . They showed interest or need in your service. You have then put your points in the strongest order to the needs of the market place.  Understand that mircosite might have less traffic than a home page, but the traffic is clean and much more important.

Q: How microsite traffic is is better than my home page?

A: Home pages act as the master sorter of all incoming traffic. A home page has to handle first time visits, return visits, the press, friends ,and family, everyone who has any reason to visit your site . Many of the messages on your home page are then necessarily weakened and by that the strength of the message get lost and does not speak clearly to any specific user group…they must handle everything .They serve a totally different purpose than a more focused page.

Q: Are you saying that my home page is of no real value?

A: What  I am saying is that home pages are notoriously political everyone wants a piece of the home page. The thinking is that it gets the most traffic, it must be the most important place on the site. In reality, It is truly the "olden times traffic cop"  directing the flow of commerce thru your site. In kind, it cannot be the marketing bill board and the same time.  Whereas the micropage format allows direct access for the client searching for the main line information at the firm.

Microsite Define Information Visually

Why Utilize Microsites

In the beginning of recorded history, a cave drawing was the only way of passing information. It was visual information. From that point on, there has not been "a better mouse trap." Today's Information Age is still very much a visual one

Our approach here at Microsite Design Company is built on knowledge, impact, and skill and we bring that to your brand integrity. We are not the mass market company working from a Profit/ Loss Sheet. For 12 years, along with our sister company Attorney Web Solutions, have been a hands-on group working with an eye toward creative impact and tremendous value of our product.

Knowledge: We have gained in the years of working with legal professionals unitizing the microsite format we have learned not to get lost in the information. To keep your eye on the target; at all times keep your eye on the target. When we meet, we will determine what your needs are. In some cases it is little more than an electronic business card. In others, we need to open up our bag of tricks to put some sparklers in the mix. We know not to put the sizzle before the meat.

We know: Placement of product and services are key

Impact: Just like that caveman in the past, we have learned to put the important parts first.

His visual impact was "deer over there!" on the cave wall. Little has changed today, "I am here and this is what I do" on the internet.

It is now done with a necromancy of words, why use a thousand words when the right image can take it's place. That is not to say the words are unimportant, the image just allows the words used to have more power.

A study done by Stanford University shows that people using the internet looking for information about services would spend no more than 1:27 on each standard website and make no more than 2 clicks a site before moving on to the next site. This shows the need and the rise of the microsite.

We know: That proper image with a search gains the interest of the reader

Skill: Brings you the reader to the most important part of our valuable asset. Our people working as collective, whether it is a state wide campaign or the local pizza shop, the same attention to detail is given.

We came together from many different backgrounds all possessing different skill sets. There are master degrees, and techies (trekkers too), an artist, dreamers, and a salesmen or two.

This was done to encourage different perspectives to the goal of service to you the client base. We are a unified group working to produce the strongest product to the market on your behalf.

We know: Many the hands make light the work